Charity/Foundation Subscription

Do you face a consistent battle to raise funds for your charity or foundation?

Constantly asking for donations and managing raffles is hard work.

Are you looking for new additional ways to raise funds for your organisation?

Have you ever thought there must be a more creative, simple way to raise funds for your cause but are at a loss to work out what that would be?

Have you ever admired the success of membership based organisations who seem to achieve a non-stop revenue stream each year and wished you could enter that market – but you’ve been held back as the term ‘membership’ does not sit well with your image or constitution?

There is a way you can enter this market now and achieve significant income through a simple yet effective subscriber’s program (not membership) using proven development strategies used by some of the most successful sporting and corporate Organisations to create and drive it.

You can run our program alongside your existing fundraising programs.


Using SSS expertise you can learn from those that have achieved success in the field, succeeding in diverse markets and has the runs on the board to show you the way.

Why fundraise in much the same way when you can do something different?

Meet my business – Shared Service Solutions (SSS) is the premier membership strategy organisation in Australia.

Since starting SSS in 2005, my team has created some of the leading membership programs in Australia – and what I have discovered in that time is that a good membership program run in a similar way to clubs as a subscribers program will also create significant income for a charity, if used recreating strategies well-honed by the SSS team.

In Australia, there is not anyone else who runs a membership development business with my level of experience, results and expertise – therefore there is no one with high level strategic skills that offers this kind of thinking.

We have developed a subscription program that can be adapted to the charity space for our clients. Would you like to know more? Consider these options to move a step closer to outstanding fundraising results:

Discovery Option 1

  • Discover what is possible for your charity through a workshop conducted by leading membership expert David Friend with your team
  • Receive a review document with recommendations from findings at the workshop

Discovery and Strategy Option 2

  • A workshop conducted by leading membership expert David Friend with your team
  • A strategy document to follow for implementation

Option 3

  • Options 1 & 2 combined plus
  • 3 month access in person to help guide implementation of options 1 and 2

I’d love to have a chat either on the phone or meet with you personally to discuss your subscription potential together and how it can benefit your organisation.

Contact me direct on or call 0417 374 717