Accountancy Services for Construction Companies

construction bookkeeping services

Your accountancy relationship advisor will provide up to two hours of bookkeeping support every month to reconcile your bank accounts and update expenses in your software to a maximum of 100 transactions. If you need more bookkeeping support this can be purchased as either a one-off or recurring monthly add-on. Software implementation and optimization – accounting software has many benefits.

So you need a good accountant on your side to defend you and ensure no errors are made on your behalf throughout the investigation. Sub-contractor accounting is complex – you are running your own limited company, which is tricky enough, and then you have CIS to consider on top of that. You want a specialised CIS accountant, equipped to deal with the complex tax system you find yourself in. Our dedicated team at LJS can give you the guidance you need regarding CIS, and help you make the right business decisions to ultimately boost both productivity and profitability.

Can you do your own bookkeeping?

Therefore, you want to focus on finding an accountant you can get along with. Trust us, it will make both your lives a lot easier if you can effectively communicate with one another. Arguably one of the biggest benefits of opting to outsource accounting services instead of hiring in-house is the amount of money you can save whilst still receiving the same bookkeeping for startups quality of service. From sole traders to businesses with multi-million-pound turnovers, we provide outsourced accounts services to construction clients of all sizes across the UK. This allows us to provide proactive advice, spot potential cash flow issues before they occur, improve your job costing processes and find ways to reduce your tax liabilities.

If you are registered under CIS, you will need to file monthly returns and keep full CIS records, you may get a penalty if you don’t. The deductions count as advance payments towards the subcontractor’s tax and National Insurance. The Star plan is ideal for businesses with a high volume of weekly transactions that need to be kept on top of. During your check-in you can use this time to discuss with us anything you may be concerned about with your business, look at your goals for the company and what you need to do financially to achieve them. You will be free to use your Xero account to monitor your business finances and carry out tasks that you may still want to do yourself. You will be able to see everything that is going on within your Xero account.

We will provide you with cost-effective accounting and tax advice that is custom made for the Construction Sector!

Working closely with my clients and understanding their business is key when it comes to delivering value-add account reporting that is aimed to provide the business with the tool to make key decisions. We are always looking to improve our accountancy service to boost your financials. This includes Cash flow forecasting software, Legal services & Contractor insurance. You can choose to use certain software solutions, apps or a simple Excel spreadsheet. However, you choose to store your records and bookkeeping, however, make sure it’s well organised and is reviewed frequently.

construction bookkeeping services

Think of it as the day-to-day stuff, tracking what goes in and what goes out. In the early days of accounting, the data was recorded in physical books or ledgers. These days, most bookkeeping is done digitally, and there are some brilliant accounting software solutions to help keep it simple. And most importantly, it helps you stay compliant with CIS and domestic reverse charge VAT. At the end of each month, you will receive a bank statement that will need to correlate with the bookkeeping of your accounts.

Why choose Empowered by Cloud for your construction bookkeeping services?

This is important because contractors need to comply with state and federal guidelines while in progress. Make sure you know the basics of construction accounting to stay compliant and organised. We can provide all the professional advice you need, whether you’re a start-up business or a household name. The economy is always changing, but we can help your construction business survive and even excel financially. After all, running a business can feel like an uphill battle if your finances are not under control.

construction bookkeeping services

Good bookkeeping practices are beneficial in any business, but the construction industry has a unique set of financial challenges. Single-entry bookkeeping is more suited to businesses that have minimal transactions or straightforward finances. You keep track of transactions in physical books, journals or ledgers and file receipts, invoices and bank statements in files or folders. There is no legal requirement for businesses to use a dedicated bookkeeper. Many small businesses manage their own books or delegate it to a member of their team. Larger companies might hire an in-house finance person or outsource to a freelance bookkeeper.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

The construction industry has experienced an unprecedented boom in recent years, which in turn has brought about its own pros and cons. While the sector has contributed exponential amounts to the economy, the downside is faced by the people who give their all to the industry. For many construction companies, this has meant that margins are cut to the bone in order to maintain any form of turnover. Because of the fierce competition in the industry, many are struggling to make ends meet. It is safe to say that giving your construction company the specialised services that Spartan Group Accounting offers, is a sound financial decision.