Adrian Lloyd

22nd October 2008

To Whom It May Concern

David Friend and his team at Shared Services Solutions managed our Membership and Merchandise program from our inaugural year from 2005.

David developed and managed the sales and marketing strategies that saw Melbourne Victory have the highest membership of 5600 members in the first year in the A-League and again in year 2 of 11,200 members. Melbourne Victory is still the No 1 club Membership in the A-League in 2008.

David and his team also developed the sales and marketing strategies and managed the Merchandise program for Melbourne Victory and we have extended their contract for the fourth consecutive year.

Merchandise sales for Melbourne Victory has been the highest turnover of all A-League clubs since day one and still is today in 2008.

David’s and his teams vast experience in AFL has ensured Melbourne Victory sales got off to a good start in our inaugural year and has seen the club continue to be the leader in these sales for the A-League.

I would like to recommend any organization to engage David Friend and Shared Services Solutions team if they wish to develop a successful Membership and/or Merchandise program.



Commercial Operations Manager

Adrian Lloyd