Cricket Australia BBL

David Friend was contracted by Cricket Australia from 2012–2014 to help establish a membership program for the new KFC T20 Big Bash League.

David worked with Cricket Australia to develop a centralised membership program strategy which would provide sound governance and support to all 8 Clubs. David also worked with a number of Clubs directly to develop their membership programs. He ran workshops with each of these Clubs to identify key opportunities and develop their membership product offerings and assisted them to adapt the central strategy to their individual teams needs and cultures. This process was very successful and provided a solid foundation for them to build on in subsequent years.

David was instrumental in coaching many newly appointed membership managers with all his knowledge to equip them to be successful. We have seen a number of those Membership Managers careers progress into more senior roles.

Our membership program has been very successful, having seen year on year growth since its inception of over 30%. David’s input has been instrumental to this success, providing a solid grounding to all our membership principles and establishing best practices.

David’s philosophy is to build a total membership culture across the entire organisation and this has been key to our program success. He was collaborative, willing to adapt to the different personalities, challenges and cultures across our Clubs and a delight to work with. He brings an exceptional level of expertise and knowledge in the membership space to the table, which has been invaluable in helping to establish confidence in the membership program amongst all stakeholders connected with the KFC T20 Big Bash League.

I highly recommend David’s services to expand or develop your membership program and thank him for the contribution he has made to ours.

I am happy to be contacted, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 0418 394 618


Direct Marketing Manager

Jill Holmes