Shannon Donato

What David and SSS have helped our club achieve in Membership has been nothing short of amazing.

In our first season working with David and SSS our Membership revenue grew by 73% and we are well on track to achieving our budgeted Membership sales for 2011 that (once achieved) will see us grow our Membership sales by over 220% in two years; with an even higher percentage growth in net profits.

Just as significant is the shift in our clubs culture and attitude towards Membership. Before working with David our club treated Membership as a secondary consideration (behind sponsorship and other more lucrative business units). In only 18 months of working with David and SSS our business now sees Membership as the core focus of our commercial business; and all our other business units have benefited as a result.

In effecting this change and through the intrinsic up-skilling of our staff, David has ensured that our focus on great Membership sales and service will continue indefinitely and that this growth will be sustainable and on-going.

I would emphatically endorse David and SSS services to any organisation serious about improving their Membership operations.


Marketing Manager

Shannon Donato