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That said, almost all technical indicators are based off either price, volume or volatility. If you know how to read price, volume or volatility in a price action candlestick chart, you do not have to rely on indicators when trading. A spinning top is a candlestick pattern with a short real body that’s vertically centered between long upper and lower shadows.

The bullish candlestick pattern is also telling that the market is poised to head up. So both the Stochastic and the candlestick pattern are confirming each other. As you might be knowing, Stochastic readings above 80 indicates an overbought area meaning it’s time to stop buying as the price will be heading down in the near future. This is what your bearish candlestick pattern is also indicating that the price is about to head down. So you have the confirmation from the Stochastic that the candlestick pattern is giving the right signal. After a brief decline, a morning star candlestick pattern formed, which signalled that price was getting ready to potentially move higher again.


Some traders might like to apply it to forex pairs, others may use CFD on commodities, shares, or cryptocurrencies. A broker should have all these asset classes so a trader can try them all in a single platform. Having a strategy is not the final point that allows starting trading immediately. We always keep enlarging and keep actual our brokers reviews so you can easily define the suitable company to trade with.

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Let’s see what the best candlestick patterns strategy is to level up your intraday game. If you want to learn more about the pump and dump candlestick patterns check our full trading guide HERE. The pump and run are the best candlestick patterns for swing trading. The nice thing about this pattern is that it’s a very aggressive trading strategy to capture tops and bottoms.

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If the scalping candlestick patterns is too wide to maintain my risk parameters, I will place my stop in the center of the master candle. The USDJPY bullishness was certainly not visible on the USDJPY during January. Its candle closed bearish and indicates a decent to high chance of further consolidation. I am expecting the triangle to continue before any bullish occurs.

Momentum Indicators

In its sense, scalping is a truly short-term strategy and that is why the trader is facing market volatilities during a short period of time. Each scalping trade that usually does not last long limits the potential liability for the account overall. It is formed of a long red body, followed by three small green bodies, and another red body – the green candles are all contained within the range of the bearish bodies. It shows traders that the bulls do not have enough strength to reverse the trend.


A rising line is drawn from left to right connecting rising bottoms. You need at least two bottoms where the second is higher than the first to draw a rising trend line. A falling trend line is drawn from left to right connecting falling bottoms. Their potency decreases rapidly three to five bars after the pattern has been completed.

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📌 A gravestone pattern can be used as a sign to take profits on a bullish position or enter a bearish trade. The Risk/Reward ratio is a measure of the potential profit potential of trade compared to its risk.It a very important… For other strategies, 50% may be a profitable ratio, but when scalping the commission costs increase, you need a high win-loss ratio. Using oscillators as the indicator that leads price action is one of the most effective ways to scalp the market. Even though it sounds simple, this is probably one of the hardest trading methodologies to master. Discounters aim to maximize their profits by taking as numerous little profits as possible.

time frames

Candlestick charts are a technical tool that packs data for multiple time frames into single price bars. This makes them more useful than traditional open, high, low, close bars or simple lines that connect the dots of closing prices. Candlesticks build patterns that may predict price direction once completed. Proper color coding adds depth to this colorful technical tool, which dates back to 18th century Japanese rice traders.

No single opinion that is given in the materials of the website constitutes a recommendation or financial advice. shall not be responsible for any loss that you incur, either directly or indirectly, arising from any investment based on the information provided. Mainly, order books are available on stock exchanges like NYSE and NASDAQ and also among forex brokers that offer cTrader terminals to the users. On its own the spinning top is a relatively benign signal, but they can be interpreted as a sign of things to come as it signifies that the current market pressure is losing control. Momentum indicators intended use is to identify securities overbought and oversold areas. They are however good to use to get a warning on potential trend reversals.

This comes after a move higher, suggesting that the next move will be lower. If you want to get the most out of what the candlesticks are showing, let’s explore the best candlestick patterns you can ever use. We’re going to show you some candlestick patterns explained with examples. If you understand the psychology behind what the candlesticks are showing, it can make your life as a trader a lot easier.

The lines above and below the candle body are called wicks, tails, or shadows. The top of the upper shadow is the session’s high and the bottom of the lower shadow is the session’s low of the day. So if we have more green candles than red candles and the average size if larger for green candles.


From there, I followed my stops down using the hourly chart, placing my stop at the top of the prior hourly bar. That way I will be able to trade the break with decent size and hopefully get a piece of the initial move. Usually, when I trade hourly master candles, I place my stop on the opposite side of the master candle.

How to Scalp Trade

When a trendline is being revisited by price, a trader must monitor the activity during that period. If the price starts to range near the trendline and does not move further, then there is a higher chance that it will bounce off the line so it is a good signal for entry. If the pressure is staying and the price keeps going in the same direction, then there is a higher chance of breakout so the short-term trend might be broken.

The first one follows the direction of the trend while the second one trades against it. The second one is described as having a real body that is taller than the first one. In other words, the second one completely engulfs the prior candle hence the moniker of the pattern. For a bullish engulfing pattern, the second candle emerges from a downtrend and opens lower and closes higher than the previous red candle. The best way to learn to read candlestick patterns is to practise entering and exiting trades from the signals they give.

support or resistance

Another one strategy that could be used not only in scalping but as well in long term strategies like day trading is pullbacks and breakouts of trendlines. They are drawn as straight lines using the highs or lows of the candlesticks as on the 1-minute USDCHF chart below. Traders employ a variety of strategies in order to be able to consistently beat the markets and profit — however, there are few methods of trading as effective as scalping. Scalping refers to a form of trading that relies on making a series of small profitable trades, focussing on quantity rather than quality in order to boost profits. The primary focus of such strategies is to utilise trading volumes rather than performing a lot of complex technical analysis. There are several such trading strategies, and one of them has been discussed in this article.