A Unique Service

What is it that Shared Services Solutions provides which is unique?

It’s all in the point of focus. Where conventional thinking says the brand of the club is the brand of the team is the brand of the membership, we see things differently.

The team is about winning, the club is about the warriors of the past, the premiership and cup wins, and running a successful business. Membership is distinctly different. At least in our opinion.


First, let’s explore what membership is not!

Membership is not about winning, because most teams will lose as many games as it wins in an average season.

Membership is not about a team of committed players who will go into battle wearing the Club’s regalia, because some of those players will disappoint, with their performance and their behaviour, and others will be gone next season.

Membership is not about going to every game, come rain or shine, year in year out, because some of the most avid supporters of the club go to only a few games or no games at all.