A Unique Service

What is it that Shared Services Solution provides which is unique?

We are a one stop shop for Membership, Subscription and Merchandise solutions.

We are not aware of any company in Australia that provides our total services that has the success track record with our programs.

We have many testimonials that confirm our success.

We have developed programs for all types and sizes of high profile and low profile Organisations for over 15 years.

Our Services Include but Not Limited To:

Membership/ Subscription 

  • Discovery Workshops
  • Detailed Sales and Marketing Strategy Strategies
  • Benefits/Rewards Program
  • Membership Package Content
  • Creative Brief
  • Printing
  • Membership Cards
  • Mail House Facilities


  • Detailed Sales and Marketing Strategy Strategies
  • Merchandise Products that meet client’s requirements
  • Promotional Product Design, Development & Supply
  • Membership/Subscription package Goodies
  • Creative Brief
  • Printing
  • Merchandise Coordination