This may sound a bit deep and meaningful when we’re talking about potential members, we are looking for passionate people who may have an interest in our client. They have a heart and we need to touch their heart in order to get them to want to walk the road with us.

So, this is what we have successfully used as a basis for our communication in order to convince them to make that step forward and sign up as a member year after year:


  • Membership is about the attachment I, the Member have or wish to have
  • It’s about a sense of belonging to an elite group
  • A membership group you can be proud to be a part of
  • Closeness
  • Engage people at all levels
  • Membership is about community
  • It’s about emotional attachments
  • It’s about the fun and enjoyment of being part of it
  • It’s about experiencing the emotional ups and downs of these things
  • Above all else, membership is about belonging