Russell Brand gets meaningful new tattoo, admits to still craving drugs

They’re cool tattoos for men who want to showcase their love for this cartoon genre. Bright and bold, decide upon the style of tat you’re looking for and find a skilled artist to bring your idea to life. A bird’s feather can represent freedom and travel, while an angel’s feather may be a tribute to a missing loved one.

What does the color purple mean for sobriety?

The United States' National Recovery Month was founded in 1989. Purple was selected as our recovery movement's official color: Subsequently, International Overdose Awareness Day (August 31), was established in 2001 to raise awareness of overdose and reduce the stigma of drug-related death.

Hannah Shaw, better known as Kitten Lady, is a neonatal kitten rescuer and animal advocate who speaks nationwide about increasing community involvement in animal welfare. Pelizzari also has this design featuring an om symbol and lotus, both important symbols with importance in multiple Eastern religions. “The Om represents the union of the mind, body, and spirit, and the Lotus symbolizes purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth,” notes Pelizzari. Autumn Grant got this tattoo to match with the rest of the female staffers at Beneath the Skin, a mental health non-profit. “Personally, I struggle with anxiety and need a reminder that I’m never alone,” she says. The forearm is a popular area when it comes to the placement of tattoos for men. Protected by thicker skin and muscles, it’s a less painful spot for inking.

Moon Tattoo

“This tattoo I created on a day that was very difficult for me as I had just learned that someone very dear to me had passed away,” she says. Choose the upper arm, and you have a tat that’s easy to hide. Alternatively, opt for a forearm inking and show the world you’re confident in your skin. For guys whose hands are on the large side, this is a cool placement for a tattoo design for men. A skilled artist can design and execute aesthetically appealing statement pieces. Often designs are inked on the left and right hand to create themes such as dark and light, night and day, or corresponding halves of an animal or object.

If you’ve backpacked around the world or travel is top of your wish list, celebrate your wanderlust with a map tattoo for men. In Greek mythology, the maze, designed by Dedalus, was a means to enslave the fearsome Minotaur beast beneath Knossos Palace. Each year, until the hero Theseus, came to defeat the beast, children got sent to the maze as sacrifices. Theseus escaped the maze using a piece of red string given to him by Princess Ariadne. Maze tattoos for men will guarantee you always have an incredible story to tell. Intricate, detailed, and show-stopping, they are truly inspirational tattoos for men. The Mayans held their traditions and culture in high regard.

Mayan Tattoo

A butterfly sobriety tattoos is the symbol of balance following transformation. These creatures combine physical and spiritual beauty to create sensual tattoos for men representing freedom, courage, accomplishment, and rebirth.

  • Addiction is a very personal disease, and there is generally no singular answer for how individuals should choose to recover.
  • These few words help remind the person of both his or her limitations and strengths.
  • Just as with alcohol use, for example, body modifications can be healthy in moderation.
  • Instead, check out scorpion tattoo ideas for men well before going under the gun.

Just like buying a pair of shoes, when it comes to choosing the right tattoo, it’s not a one-size-fits-all. If you’re going to be comfortable with your ink for years to come, there are several factors to consider. Think carefully about the style, size, and type of design you want. Next, make a list of your favorite things and gather inspiration from Instagram and online publications. Finally, chat with your tattoo artist about the different tattoo ideas for men. Connect to the past and choose a tattoo for men to symbolize ancestry, physical health, and spiritual growth. While black and gray ink captures the allure of tree root designs, earthy tones work well too.

Wrist Tattoo

Though they’re only words, slogans and sayings have the power to keep us motivated and focused on living the best life we can. When used with meditation, these simple sayings can help calm our minds, change the nature of our brainwaves and lessen feelings of anxiety and worry. Some sayings and slogans are short…only a few words, not even a sentence. Others are full quotes by respected people throughout history. We chose to list the short ones because they tend to keep things simple, and simple can be very effective.

You should also consider whether you may regret the tattoo in the future. Trendy tattoos, name tattoos, and tattoos that make bold statements may feel like the right choice now, but you may not feel the same about them over time. Inspire Malibu is the premier Non 12 Step, drug, alcohol, and detox treatment center in Malibu California led by our board certified addiction specialists.