Jeff Reibel

I just wanted to provide an introduction to a gentleman by the name of David Friend who is the MD of Shared Services Solutions who may be able to assist with providing a pathway through the membership maze.

I worked with David when we contracted him to turn the Cowboys “Season Ticket” program into a true Membership program that contained both ticketed and non-ticketed options, a program that over time tripled our revenue in this space.

David was the Membership Manager back in the day at Hawthorn and put the systems in place that saw the Hawks to be the first to crack what was then the magic membership mark of 30K.  Since then David has been contracted by the AFL and NRL bodies as well as a number of individual teams – along with Cowboys I know he has worked wonders on Penrith and the Warriors campaign and put all the platforms in place for the NRL’s foray into the membership space.  Along with that they introduced the membership system into the NBL and also worked on a number of A League campaigns including Melbourne Heart and has recently branched out with a number of overseas organisations.

David and his team are the people that may be able assist to give that competitive edge.

Chief Executive Officer North Queensland Toyota Cowboys

Personal Testimonial Jeff Reibel