North Melbourne Football Club

18 June 2009

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir


I confirm that the North Melbourne Football Club Ltd contracted the services of Shared Services Solutions to manage the club’s merchandising operations during the 2007 and 2008 years.

In my capacity as Chief Financial Officer I completed a review of the club’s merchandising operations and decided to outsource the management of this activity. Shared Services Solutions were selected as the club’s partner and were engaged to undertake full management responsibilities for merchandise operations.

The firm’s experience in the sporting industry proved to be invaluable in addressing and improving the club’s profile and trading performance. The Shared Services Solutions team were initially confronted with a tough assignment as the club’s merchandising arm was in poor shape and to their credit they were able to play a significant role in improving the performance of this business unit. A few of the key areas addressed were:

-Introduction of merchandise business plan

-Provision of experienced retail professionals

-Access to networks within the sporting retail industry

-Innovative sales strategies to clear excess and obsolete stock without damaging sales from the club’s existing customer base

-Well defined, tighter product offerings and the introduction of new products

-Total revamping of shop layout and operations

-Presented a new, fresh sales approach to advertising and promotional campaigns

-Revitalised all sales outlets from the retail store, game day sales outlets, function/event sales, website and direct mail material.

The team at Shared Services Solutions certainly demonstrated their capabilities at the North Melbourne Football Club and their reputation around the professional sporting club scene is very well regarded.

I am happy to respond to any queries or expand upon what is presented above and can be contacted on 0411 754 550 or email [email protected]

Yours sincerely

Chief Financial Officer

Rob Ewart