Shannon Donato South Sydney Rabbitohs

Re; Reference as to David Friend’s expertise in Membership – from Shannon Donato 31/5/19

To whom it may concern,

I originally worked with David Friend back in 2010 when he was consulting to the Penrith Panthers.

David transformed Panthers Membership into a Program that delivered exceptional value to Members and the Club – and as such, Panthers Membership numbers grew exponentially over that period.

Over my 6 years back here at the Rabbitohs we have earned a reputation as having the biggest and best Membership Program in the NRL. The Rabbitohs are one of the most Membership centric Clubs in Australian Sport and our entire Club puts Members at the heart of everything we do.

Almost everything I know about Membership came from what I (and my teams) have learned from David over the years. His approach to upskilling staff ensures his methods and success are sustainable. He focusses on sustainable development of staff and Programs – not short term results.

I continue to call on David for advice to this day because I believe he is one of the best Membership practitioners in Australia … if not the world.

If your membership program is struggling, I highly recommend that you consider engaging David and his team at SSS to help.

Shannon Donato

Chief Commercial Officer
South Sydney Rabbitohs